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Kerala (also known as Keralam) being located on the Malabar coast, is equipped with beautiful beaches, fascinating wildlife and plants, mesmerising tourist attractions, flourishing waterfalls and very talented people.

In the South West region of India lies Kerala. Through the whole of India, Kerala can be placed as the 12th biggest state and is formed of 14 districts, with some of the major ones being Kochi, Kollam, Mallapuram and Trissur. The most common language spoken in Kerala is Malayalam.

In time, Kerala is one of the fastest moving parts of India and greatly contributes to the production of pepper, medicines, spices and rubber; with millions of tonnes being exported across the globe. Not only is production growing in Kerala, but the arts, acts, fashion dances and music are also becoming more popular. Kerala fashion models are appearing more often in India’s fashion catwalks too.

Kerala’s fantastic scenes, landscapes and culture are definitely worthwhile capturing. Kerala pictures can be found through this site.

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