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Idampiri valampiri - Helicterus isora

Idampiri valampiri - Helicterus isora

Properties of Idampiri valampiri

Botanical name Helicterus isora Linn.
Family Sterculiaceae
Sanskrit Synonyms Avartani, Murva, Mrigasringi, Marodhaphali
Ayurvedic Medicinal Properties
Rasa Kashaya, Amla, Madhura
Guna Lakhu, Rooksha
Virya Seeta
Name of the herb in other languages
English East Indian screw tree
Hindi Marorphali
Malayalam Idampiri valampiri

Description of the Plant

A large shrub or small tree grows up to 5 meters in height. Leaves simple, alternate, obovate, cordate, serrate, rough above and pubescent beneath; flowers red to grey colored, found in axillary clusters of 2-6 together; fruits are cork screw type greenish brown colored, seeds numerous.

Medicinal Properties of the Plant as per Ayurveda

Plant pacifies vitiated pitta, diarrhea, colic, flatulence, wounds, ulcers, hemorrhoids and diabetes.

Useful parts of the herb

Fruits, Root, Bark

Idampiri valampiri - Helicterus isora

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