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Diy Extension Tube for Macro Photography - Macro in a budget series part III

An extension tube is a simple device that extends the lens. When connected between the lens and the camera body it increases the distance from the lens to the sensor there by allowing the lens to focus much more closely than its original setting. We will discuss about extension tubes, their advantages and disadvantages in a later post. Extension tubes are available from all major camera manufacturers. Here in this post we will discuss how to make a diy extension tube the easiest way.

For our extension tube we will need a macro lens reverse ring and some uv filters. If you do not have a reverse ring you could easily make your own diy macro lens reverse ring. The filter which we have has a 5mm thickness and so does the reverse ring with its 58mm - 52mm combination. So inorder to get the equivalent of a 25mm extension tube (the standard size that various companies manufacture) we are using 4 uv filters. Since you are only using the outer covering case of the uv filters, the filter you use need not be new or good.

Diy Extension Tube for Macro Photography

Disassemble the uv filters, remove the glass and the locking ring taking only the covering case.

Diy Extension Tube for Macro Photography

Mount the filters one by one on the lens reverse ring. The more filters you add the closer you will be able to focus and so greater the magnification.

Diy Extension Tube for Macro Photography

Our diy extension tube for macro photography is now ready for testing.

Diy Extension Tube for Macro Photography

This is how the set up looks when mounted on the camera.

Diy Extension Tube for Macro Photography

View from the other angle.

Diy Extension Tube for Macro Photography

A shot taken with the canon 50mm 1.8 lens reversed.

A shot taken with the canon 50mm 1.8 lens reversed and 8 filter rings in place.

macro photo of a mosquito taken with extension tube

You may add as many filter rings to this set up as you wish. Do remember to post your shots if you try it out and let us know in the comments.

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