Popular flowering plants of Kerala

Plants of Kerala are very different to those around the world, with some being abundant to the area. The Kerala flowers and Kerala plants found in gardens, hedges, and fields are also very important, having roles in many religious rituals in India. Plants in Kerala, vary from flowering plants, garden plants in Kerala to the famous medicinal plants in Kerala. Kerala flowers , including some of the flowering plants in Kerala have many good medicinal properties used to treat many illnesses, and  is commonly used in medical practices such as Ayurveda, in which other Indian flowers are also  popularly used. Kerala flowers thumba, mandaram , thetti, and pala are well known to the people of Kerala.

Aambal or Water-lily (Nymphaea nouchali; family Nymphaeaceae) Aambal or Water-lily (Nymphaea nouchali; family Nymphaeaceae)

Flowers of Kerala (flowers of Kerala with names):

Flowers in Kerala include the popular Kerala flowers such as:


Flower name in English

Kerala flowers names (as known locally)

scientific names of flowers in kerala


Golden shower


Cassia Fistula

This is a golden yellow flower, which is a vital part of Vishu celebrations.

Thumba plant, thuma flower

 Thumbapoo, thumba poove

 Leucas aspera

 Small flower which is white. Used as aryevedic medicine, and a mosquito repellent. Also used as a decorative in festivals in Kerala.

flower name in English is: white ordchid tree



 Mandaram flowers are white in colour and are used for pooja purposes in temples in Kerala.


 Krishna Kiradeem plant

Clerodendrum panigulatum

 This is a beautiful bright red/ orange coloured plant.



Biophytum Sensitivum

This plant is a shrub and is yellow coloured. The plant bears five petals and is used in ayurveda for its medicinal properties.


Blackboard tree / Indian devil tree

Pala  flower

Alstonia Scholaris

This plant has flowers which are very small and open at night. This plant is also known for its beautiful aromatic smell.


Wild balsam

Kashi thumba flower



This plant consists of very small flowers of a purple/ lilac colour.


West Indian jasmine

Thetti / thechi

Ixora coccinia

This plant is of a red shade and is thought of being sacred, therefore it is offered as prayers in many temples in Kerala.



The table above shows some of the flowering plants of Kerala, however there are many more to add to the list.

Arumasam, Krishna kireedam or Pagoda plant (Clerodentron paniculatum; family Verbenaceae)
Chempakam or Joy perfume tree found as shrubs as well as trees (Michelia chempaca belonging to plant family Magnoliaceae)
Chempakam or Joy perfume tree found as shrubs as well as trees (Michelia chempaca belonging to plant family Magnoliaceae)