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Ancient House of Arnose Padiri

Ancient House of Arnose Padiri and St. Francis Xavier Forane Church. Rev. Joannes Ernesto Hanxleden SJ was one of the most remarkable scholar missionaries who dedicated their lives to enrich Malayalam literature with their immortal contributions. The German priest, Father Hanxley - den (Arnose Padiri) reached Kerala in 1700.AD. During the thirty years of his life in Kerala he provided Malayalam with a varied and rich flair. Important among them includes Puthen Pana, Umma Parvam, and Malayalam Sanskrit dictionary. His Varthamana Pusthakam is written in chaste prose and is a work of great literary merit. He was a pioneer prose writer in Malayalam. Arnose Padiri built a residence for himself, 113 feet towards the west of the St. Francis Xavier Forance in Veloor. It is a rctangular two storied building resembling the pilgrim halls of Hindu temples. The upper storey of the building is supported by nine pillars made of solid rocks and five laterite stones.

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ariyannoor temple
House of Arnose Padiri

The church of St. Francis Xavier Forance was constructed by Arnose Padiri in 1724. It is a beautiful monument of Indo European style. The roof is made in Kerala style with wood and is supported by fine huge wooden beams. The ancient altar and the beautiful murals on the arch surface above it add attraction to the church. The balcony at the back of the main hall of the church having an area of 27 sq mts. is supported by wooden elephants.

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st francis xavier forane church
St Francis Xavier Forane Church

Considering their historical importance, the ancient house of Arnose Padiri and the church of St. Francis Xavier were declared as protected monument in 1995 by the stat Archaeology Department.

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altar of st francis xavier forane church
Altar of St Francis Xavier Forane Church

Ancient House of Arnose Padiri Location:

Village - Veloor, Taluk - Talappally, District - Thrissur, Location - 5kms in Kecheri - Vadakancheri route.

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