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Lavanasura Vadham Kathakali Story


Lavanasura Vadham

Scene: 1 – Seetha Devi, Kusa, Lava

Kusa and Lava seek the permission of Seetha Devi to go into the forest and watch the sights. Seetha Devi tells the children that there are wild animals and other dangers in the forest. Kusa and Lava tells their mother that they can face all the dangers that they may encounter in the forest, for they have their bows and arrows and are adept in using tem. Seetha Devi tests their ability, and satisfied that they can take care of themselves in any situation, permits them to go.

Kusa and Lava were walking along in the forest enjoying its beauties, when they see a beautiful horse. It is the yagashva of Sri Rama and on the forehead of the horse was written ‘if there is a warrior the equal of Sri Rama, he can try to capture it’. They enthusiastically try to do so. Two Brahmin boys come running and tries to dissuade them from capturing the horse, but Kusa and Lava do not heed this advise. Kusa instructs Lava to capture the horse and departs. Lava captures the horse.

Scene: 2 – Hanuman’s Thiranottam

Scene: 3 – Hanuman, Kusa and Lava

Hanuman watches Kusa and Lava who have captured the Yagasva, and notices the great similarity they have with Sri Rama and Lakshmana when he first met them. Realising at once that they are not ordinary boys, but great warriors, Hanuman decides to test their valour. They fight fiercely, and Hanuman is convinced that they are indeed the sons of Sri Rama. He allows Kusa and Lava to capture him. They take the captured Hanuman to their mother.

Scene: 4 – Seetha Devi, Hanuman, Kusa and Lava

Anxiously waiting for the return of her children after their sojourn in the forest, Seetha Devi is greatly surprised to see them coming back with the captured Hanuman with them to her presence. She orders the boys to release their prisoner, and tells them that their prisoner is Hanuman, who is to be greatly respected. The boys at once release Hanuman, who immediately prostrates himself before Seetha Devi.

Hanuman enquires about the welfare of Seetha Devi and tells her that Sri Rama is performing the Aswamedha Yaga. She asks him whether it is not necessary to have the queen also seated by the side of the King for the performance of the yaga. Hanuman is speechless for a moment, but answers that Sri Rama has besides him a gold statue of Seetha Devi during the yaga. Seetha Devi is miserable. Hanuman consoles her by saying that no yaga can give as much happiness as the constant nearness of her children Kusa and Lava. Hanuman prepares to leave, and the boys return the yagasva to Hanuman. Hanuman takes leave immensely happy at the opportunity that he had to see Seetha Devi and Sri Rama’s children Kusa and Lava.