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Kadampuzha Sree Parvathy Temple

Kadampuzha is a remote village about six miles from Kottackal – a place well known as the head-quarter of the famous Kottackal Arya vaidy Shala (Ayurvedic hospital). The deity of this temple is that of Shree-Parvathi –better half of Lord Shiva. Temples dedicated to Shree-Parvathi is of rare occurrence and Kadampuzha is one among them. Kadampuzha temple; though a very famous one is not as large or magnificent as one may assume. Though there is no historical evidence to prove the date of construction; it is believed that this temple was constructed under by Jagadguru Shri Shankara Acharya of Kalady.

A famous legend

Shri Shankara Acharya; while engaged in his Bharata paryatana (journey covering important places of India) reached Kadampuzha; they saw a massive light at one place at distance. Due to the immense heat emitted by the light source they could not go near to it. Shankaracharya using his power of devotion (tapa-shakthi) communicated with Narasimha and gained a divine weapon by name Sudharshana-chakra; that weapon gained them safe access to the source of the light. As they approached the light disappeared in to a hole. Shankarachary could decode this heavenly sign like this.

The sign

While Pandavas were on hide after losing the gambling against Kauravas; Arjuna did severe penance (tapas) and made Lord-Shiva appear before him. Lord Shiva along with Shree Parvathi appeared before Arjuna and gave him deadly weapon. The source of light was a sign to Shankaracharya who decoded it like this; that soil was blessed with the touch of Shree Parvathi who visited that spot and Parvathi wished a temple may be built there by the hands of Shankara-Acharya.

Shankarachary by using his super power absorbed the light in to an idol and placed it in a temple built under his direction (no need to say that it was Kadampuzha temple itself.

The image

The main image (of Shree-Parvathi) is made of mirror finished pancha-loha (an alloy of five metals like gold, silver, copper, tin and iron), and beside the main deity are virtual images of Ganapathi and Lord Vishnu. Outside of the Shreekovil just in line with the image of main deity are two images of Narasimha-moorthi and Sudharshanam. It is believed that the idol of Narasimha-moothi is placed in line to soften the excessive radiation from the mirror image.

A river only in name

The name Kadampuzha (kadavu = bathing spot + puzha = river) indicates a river with a bathing shore but there is no river to be found anywhere near; it is said a river would have existed and dried up as time passed.

Universal blessing

The people who live nearby are ardent devotees of the Kadampuzha deity and many have some or other story to tell regarding the miracles performed by Shree-Parvathi. There is no dearth in offerings received to this temple; devotees include even people of other outside Hindu faith.

Two unique offerings at Kadampuzha Sree Parvathi Temple

Muttarukkal and Poovu-moodal are the unique two offerings of this temple. Muttarukkal is for the clearance of obstacles one faces in his life (it is believed that these obstacles are made by black magic of the enemies). The performance is simple the temple priest with chanting some mantras break a coconut by hitting it on a stone placed near the Shree-kovil. Only expense to be met by the beneficiary is giving some ‘present’ known as dakshina and a meager donation to the temple.

Poovu moodal (covering with flowers)

This regarded as the most favorite performance of the deity; this offering is based on a myth. Once upon a time Arjuna had a conflict with Lord Shiva (who was under disguise as a barbarian hunter). When Arjun not knowing who the opponent was; showered Lord Shiva with his arrows, Shree Parvathi by her magical power converted the arrows in to flowers. Arjuna was wonderstruck and fell at the feet of Lord Shiva. This offering of Poovu-moodal is symbolic representation of that myth..

The flowers of ‘thetti’ or ixora plant (West Indian jasmine) are used for the function; about four measures (one measure is about ten liters). One measure of offered rice and payasam (an Indian delicacy made of rice, sugar-candy and cardamom) are also part of the function.

The magic

Kadampuzha is a temple situated in a very remote place; the temple itself is simple in design and structure; why then people rush to there in masses? That is the magic of Kadampuzha; wish to experience this magic come to Kadampuzha and feet it!


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