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The Spiritual Harmony of the History of Sabarimala

We had been searching, until this time, about the devasamkalpa of Ayyappa which is very familiar to the Malayalees. Hence we have to analyse the background of the story of incarnation of Ayyappa in the perspective of spiritual sciences and let it be stopped.

We do not try to expand the story of Ayyappa because the story is very popular but the different stages of the story has to be analysed hereafter.

The first stage is the Paalaazhimarthan. The Devas, though they are old, were already having no wrinkles, on their bodies and no debility consequent to old age or grayness of hair and even death. That was their racial peculiarity. But Asuras were always against the Devas in all nature and behaviour.

The Paalaazhi is not a cup of water and it is so hazardous to churn it. All unhappenings are accumulated here. The Devas became old aged by the curse of Durvasa, the rshi, the Asuras, though they were in enmity with the Devas in the past, joined with them, holding an aim to achieve the Nectar and to keep the youthhood forever. Thus it was decided to churn the Paalazhi joining with the Devas.

The Paalaazhimathanam has a hidden meaning, like the stories in puranas have, because they are Iswara leelas. The devas who are beyond the ailments of old age. Are virtues of the world which have accumulated together. It also represents a propitious time. The time will change all the things and this has happened in this auspicious imaginations of ours. The unhappenings are happened. All the virtues and lucks will get grayed. Then everybody will think to escape from this tragedy. The ways and means will be sought out and will receive friendship with event the enemies. Sometimes we may act against our own ideologies and thoughts. From such friendships we may undertake any Herculean tasks. The unhappenings may occur, which may be beyond our expectations and imaginations.


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