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Sree Pechiyamman Temple

Palakkad, popularly known as the Granary of Kerala and famous for the historical monuments has been blessed with one of the rarest temples of South Kerala that is of Goddess Sree Pechiyamman, located at Kulalapalayam (presently Pechiyamman Nagar), Kalpathy, the heritage cultural village and the temple abode of Lord Viswanatha. Goddess Sree Pechiyamman along with twenty five deities viz. Uchima Kaliyamman, Mariamman, Periya Pechi, Kunkuma Pechi, Manchama Pechi, PappathiAmma, Sangili Karuppan, Aakasa karuppan, Chudala Karuppan, Karuppa Swamy, Periya Karuppan, Iyanar, Lada Sanyasi, Ganapathi, Subramanian, Madhura Veeran, BOn11Ili Amma, Vella Amma, Bhairavan, Agni Madan, Madathi, Madayyan, Irulappan, Nagarajan & Muniswaran showers blessings upon lakhs of devotees visiting the temple from in and around the country and abroad year after year. The idol is fiery in appearance but the Goddess is most benevolent and is facing unusually towards North.

Route to the Temple - The temple is well connected by road & rail. Bus: From Palakkad town / Municipal Bus station, by the railway colony bus alight at Chathapuram and then a walkable distance of 300 mtrs. The distance between KSRTC Bus station to the Temple is 3 KM. Rail: From Palakkad Junction (Olavakkod) railway station, the buses plying to Palakkad (via Puthiyapalam) alighting at Chathapuram. The distance from Olavakkod Railway Station to the Temple is 2 KM. Nearest Airport -Coimbatore

Sree Pechiyamman Temple, Pechiyamman Nagar, Kalpathy P.O, Palakkad - 03, Ph: 0491 - 2576370.

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