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Sree Valayanad Devi Temple

The temple dedicated to Devi, situates in Valayanad on Mankavu Govindapuram route in the city of Calicut. The temple which faces the North has four poojas. Valayanad Bhagavathi is the Upasana Devatha of Zamorin Swaroompam. Legends say that in a fight between Zamorin and Valluva Konathiri, the Zamorin got defeated inspite having better military and financial might. Zamorin pondered over this and came to know that, the Devi's blessings were with Konathiri. Zamorin undertook Tapas till Devi manifested before him. Zamorin requested Devi to come to his kingdom. While they were travelling Devi told Zamorin that whenever he hesitates and turns back to check whether Devi was with him, she will return immediately. They travelled thus. After sometime, when the jingling of her dance-bells was not to be heard, the Zamorin looked back. Imediately Devi told him that I am now throwing my bangle (vala), where ever it falls, my presence will be at that spot and she disappeared. This bangle orbited for a week (Azhcha) and landed at the place where the temple stands now. Since the bangle orbited there for a week, that area was called Azhchavattom and the place where the bangle falls became known as Thiruvalayanad. The poojas here are based on the rare Kularthava Thantra. The deity is Kashmiri Devatha who is also known as Mahargam and Kala Sankarpini. The darushilpa deities of Sapthamathrukkal (Seven Mothers) are specialities here. The Subdeities are Siva, Bhagavathi, Ayyappa and Ganapathy. Festival is in the month of Makara, starting on Karthika star, for 8 days. Annadana Ootu during the festival is quite famous. From 1st day of Vrischika for 41 days Kalamezhuthu pattu attracts people from far & wide. Another important ritual is the Guruthi Darpanam..

Sree Valayanad Devi Temple, Kommeri, Calicut - 673 007, Ph: 0495 2741083.

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