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Vettikode Nagaraja Swamy Temple

It is one amongst the main snake worshipping temples of Kerala. Aadimoolam Vettikode Nagaraja Swamy Temple is situated in Vettikode near Kayamkulam of Alleppey district. The presiding deities are Anantha and N agayakshi. Vaishnavites consider Anantha as Nagaraja and Sivites Vasuki, lying around Siva's neck, as Nagaraja. The temple facing eastward has pooja only at noon. Temple will open in the evening also. In the months of Kanni and Thulam on Pooyam and Ayilyam days Deepm-adhana and Athazhapooja are perform. Thantram is Puthumana. Festival is on Ayilyam star day of Kanni month. Also Ayilyam in Kumbam, Sivarathri, Balabadra Jayanthi in Medam days have special ceremonies.


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