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School of Digital Photography is for everyone who shares a passion for photography, it is as useful to the advanced users as it is for beginners as it helps not only in refreshing what you have already learnt but also to add a few new tricks to your book.Our aim is to build a community of creative talents from around the world, who share their photography tips and tricks, hacks, modifications etc. We also feature DIY (do it yourselves) projects related to various aspects of photography.If you are passionate about photography we invite you to join our community and share your works with us.

We invite your comments and suggestions to make this section better and more useful to our viewers. The school of digital photography project is free to the end user, and so will it be, we only run limited advertisements and affiliate programs to cover our costs. The section is updated regularly, multiple times a week so the best way to use is to follow it over time.

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portrait photography tips

Portrait photography tips, creative lighting techniques, family portrait, portrait studio, poses, studio photography, photo portrait, lens, post processing tutorials, equipment suggestions, and ideas.

landscape photography tips

Landscape photography tips, Tutorials on nature and landscape photography, Panoramic landscape photography, Urban landscape photography, Black and White landscape photography, post processing tutorials, Landscape photography lenses, equipment suggestions, and ideas.

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photography lighting tips

Photography lighting tips, creative lighting techniques, lighting kits, lighting diagrams, classic portrait lighting, lighting equipment, studio lighting, equipment suggestions, and ideas.

macro photography tips

Macro photography tips, creative lighting techniques, lens, post processing tutorials, equipment suggestions, and ideas.

flash photography tips

Flash photography tips, flash photography techniques, creative lighting techniques, lighting ratios, off camera flash, equipment suggestions, and ideas.

photography tips for beginners

Photography tips for beginners, introduction to white balance, shooting modes, camera settings, shutterspeed, aperture and ISO, focus lock, exposure bracketing, and more.

photography composition tips

Photography composition tips, introduction to rule of thirds, using focal points, getting level horizons, framing the shots and more.

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography tips, wedding photography poses, wedding photography lighting, creative lighting techniques, equipment suggestions, and ideas.

how to photograph

How to photograph the moon, fireworks, sunset, water droplets, a spider's web, waterfalls, rainbows and more.

diy photography

DIY - Do It Yourselves, how to make a softbox, diy remote release, diy led ring light, how to laminate at home, diy beauty dish and more.

wedding photography tips

Post production techniques, how to remove red eye, how to add a tattoo, how to apply lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara, how to change the hair color and more.